Andrea passion for animals started over a decade ago volunteering in the animal rescue world. She would spend most of her free time volunteering to train and socialize shelter dogs with hopes and goals of helping to expedite their adoption. This passion turned into a career with Buck’s Dog Training.

In this career, Andrea has been able to expand her training skills by taking the chance to educate the owners on maintaining their dog’s training when in their home. With properly training these dogs and educating the owners, she is working toward lowering the chance of these family pets ending up in a shelter.

The training tip she offers is, “Educating the family is just as important as training the dog. We can train the dog but without the whole family being on the same page, using the same command words and following through with these commands, that training won’t last. This can result in stressed out families, sometimes leading to dogs being dropped at the shelter for being ‘too much to handle.’ Simply educating in combination with training can help to avoid this issue.”

Andrea’s territory is Philadelphia, PA