Deja Redmond

Deja Redmond has been in the animal world her entire life. Starting out in a shelter, Deja became fear free certified and looking to further her career in helping dogs. She started at Buck’s Dog Training in 2020. She is also a former Veterinary Technician.

Deja’s favorite dogs to train are those fresh out of the shelter or needing some help with socialization. Her favorite breeds are Staffordshire Terriers, but she has a soft spot for small breed dogs and puppies

Her favorite thing to tell people when training their dog is to be consistent and don’t get frustrated! A frustrated owner makes a frustrated dog. Time and patience will help your dog go a long way.
If you wish to have your dog trained by me, please contact me via email at or call our toll free number 888.995.5355 and select number 7 to reach me directly.

More information can be found on my web page:

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