Lexi has been involved in animal rescue since 2017 as a Behavior Evaluator at the local animal shelter. Her responsibilities included socializing aggressive, fearful and normal dogs to both humans and other animals. She had to evaluate their temperaments to make recommendations for the right home environment. From her experience there she decided to further her education and enrolled in CATCH Dog Training Academy and is a part of the 2021 graduating class.

Lexi owns two rescue dogs, Milo (left) and Onyx (right), whom she rescued from the local shelter where she worked. She is also an exceptional artist who would love to draw your dog! You can see examples of her work at the Buck’s Dog Training Facility or online at www.Facebook.com/groups/bucksdogtrainingcnj.

Lexi has handled all types of dog training from basic obedience to advanced off leash training as well as handling aggression, fearful and anxious dogs, rehabilitating them to a more stable frame of mind.

The training tip Lexi offers is, “The best relationship you’ll ever have with your dog is when they’re a well trained dog. Contrary to common belief, a well-trained dog is a truly happy dog.”

Feel free to reach out to Lexi with questions, concerns or to schedule a consultation at Lexi@bucksdogtraining.com or call our toll free number: 88.995.5355 and press 5 to reach me directly.

More information can be found on my website www.BucksK9com.